We Are Students: We don't know it all, nor will we ever claim to be.  However, we always strive on improving ourselves. 

Our business in 1995 started out as a simple web design company.  Back then not too many people knew about the internet but we were on to something...Yes, we still do web sites for select few of our clients.  We even create our own web sites as well as our own web stores.

How it began: In 2004 we started our sign business by creating decals for your car, truck and SUV.   The company back then was called   WebXtremes.com.  The web site is still alive today.  We have produced decals for our customers around the world and have been featured in several national car and truck magazines.

2008 we took name and and shortened it to WX Signs & Graphics.  It was easier to spell! And, it allows to tell our story of what "WX" means.  Simply it's the W & X in WebXtremes.com.  I know really simple yet, it tells a story of risk, rewards, sacrifice and more sacrifices.  However, we love working with our customers.



We Are Kids: What does one of us want to be when we grow up?   Well one of us probably will never group up!  Ok, one of us wants to be a race car driver!  What makes our shop unique is we love any type of racing! 

We have done race graphics for several sanction bodies.  SCCA, IRDC, Grand-Am Rolex, NHRA, NASCAR, Dirt Track, Sprint Cars. IRL, AutoX

In face we just created a new web site just for Racing Numbers and Race Graphics.  Take a look...www.darksideracingart.com



We Are Inspired: We see handmade signs on a daily bases.  They are humorous to say the least.  Your signage says a lot about your business.  So, ask yourself next time.  Is your sign professional?  The logo on your business card professional?  If you have a business card and you give it to your potential customer does it represent the 1st impression of you and your business well?

We Love Dogs:  Our mascot comes to work with us each day.  Aslan is a Belgium Malinois.   He is very well trained.  He is also our protection dog, so please don't try petting him.

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